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Our Mandate:

The Toronto Beaches Children’s & Youth Chorus aims to promote the love of singing and the joy of drama in children and youth. We are committed to pursuing the highest standards both chorally and dramatically in an inclusive, supportive and welcoming community; to provide opportunities for creativity, performance and personal growth.

The Toronto Beaches Children’s Chorus was founded in 2006 by artistic director Bronwen Low-Scott.

The choir provides both vocal and dramatic training, in a fun and supportive environment. The children learn a variety of music from all different genres, and enjoy bi-weekly drama classes with actor & teacher Joanne Mitchell. Jessica Riley, Cindy Kosa, Michael Gomiega and Adolfo De Santis round off the artistic staff. Catherine Morfitt is our invaluable general assistant.

The Choir has five levels of instruction and a newly formed Competition Choir!

Visit the JOIN US page more information about auditions and joining the choir.  For 2022-2023, we are running all of our divisions in person in smaller groups with all health and safety measures in place as permitted to do so by government policy.  We are currently running our rehearsals as usual at Kingston Road United Church.

Piccolo Choir (Jk & Sk)

The Piccolo Choir for children in JK & SK. The Piccolo Choir is a non-auditioned choir for young children who love to sing, move & make believe. We work on finding the children’s singing voices and head voices through song and game. The children start to use beat and rhythm and get to explore and move with regular drama sessions.

  • Piccolo classes: Thursday from 4:45-5:30.   Please email us for more information.
  • Piccolo tuition: Varies by session. 
  • Fall programming for 2021 will be in small groups with all safety measures in place.  We will also go outside for part of the class weather permitting. Please email us for more information.

Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.

Prelude Choir
(Grades 1 & 2)

The Prelude choir, for kids in grades 1 & 2, continues to develop proper use of the head voice, beautiful unison singing and simple rounds through song, movement and drama.  The children are also involved in the Spring Musical every year.

  • Prelude rehearsals: Wednesdays 4:30-5:15 and Thursdays 4:45 – 5:30. Please email us for more information
  • Prelude tuition: Please email us.

***The oldest three groups learn the basics of music theory, appropriate to their division, during rehearsals.***

Cantabile Chorus
(Grades 3-4)

The Cantabile Chorus is for kids in grades 3 & 4. They continue to work on producing a healthy sound and work in two parts gaining more experience with ensemble singing. In our Fall term, we include lots of movement, body percussion and the use of instruments.The second half of the year is dedicated to an end of the year staged production.

  • Cantabile rehearsals: Wednesdays  5:15-6:15
  • Cantabile tuition: Please contact us.

Chamber & Youth Choirs
(Grade 5-6 Chamber, grade 7 and up Youth)

The Chamber choir is for children in grades 5-6 and the Youth Choir is for children in grade 7 and above and for changed voices. Both divisions are dedicated to kids who love singing and drama and want to continue their love of music at a higher level. They are also involved in a staged production in the Spring.*

*In a non covid year, our Youth members can choose to sing in just the choral stream or they can choose to also participate in the musical which starts rehearsing in January. The Youth Choir will perform a separate musical from the younger divisions.

  • Chamber Choir (grades 5 & 6) rehearsals: Thursdays 5:15-6:30.
  • Chamber Choir tuition: Please contact us.
  • Youth Choir (grades 7 & above) rehearsals: Thursdays 7:30-8:45.
  • Youth Choir tuition with the musical: Please contact us.
  • Youth Choir without the musical: Please contact us.

There are partial Bursaries available for all divisions.

Competition Choir
(Grades 7 & up)

This choir is for youth who want to pursue singing at a high level and want to immerse themselves in many different genres of music and multi-part harmony.  There are weekly rehearsals on Thursdays from 6:45-7:30 and at least one extra rehearsal on a Sunday each term. These choristers form the core of our touring choir, and other performance opportunities as they arise.

Adult Pick Up Choir-Fall and Spring

Come out and meet new people who also love to sing.  There is no requirement for this group other than coming out, singing and having fun!  We had an awesome fall session and are excited to start up again later in the term in time for a performance at our winter concert .


We are very excited to announce that creation of TBCYC’s very own Boys only vocal group.  The tradition of male vocal groups is very strong in many countries around the world.  We want to create something very special for our children and youth in our own community.  Stay tuned for more information.

Summer Camp 2022

We are delighted to be able to offer summer camp again this year! Below are the dates and fees for this year’s summer camp. Please email for more information or to register your child.

Children ages 7-12

Dates: Full days August 22-26, 2022
Price: $250.00 for the week

Youth Musical Theatre Camp-Sing, Act & Move

Dates: Half days August 23-27, 2021
Price: $165 for the week